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Bug tracking

Guidelines on how bugs should be reported.

The higher quality the bug report, the more chance the defect will be identified, fixed and re-tested. Giving stakeholders - such as developers, testers and account managers - as much information as possible means that they can work more effectively at identifying and fixing the bug whilst considering anything else any fix might impact.

The Anatomy of a bug

The Basics

  • Write a summary of the bug (try to pinpoint it as much as possible)
  • Mention the URL where this bug occurs, if applicable


  • Screenshot(s) or videos of the issue (Gyazo is useful).

Key details

  • Advice on how to replicate the bug
  • What is happening and what did you expect to happen
  • What browser and version you are using (Please mention if you've checked it in other browsers as well)
  • What mobile device you are using, if applicable